13/08/2019 – Mediplantex and Sagen signed design consultant contract of the “Pharmaceutical factory following to GMP-EU standard” project.

On August 13th, 2019, Sagen was trusted and selected to sign design consultant contract of the “Center of Science, Technology, Pharmacy and pharmaceutical factory following to GMP-EU standard” project by the Investor, Mediplantex Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company.

Overall Perspective

Mediplantex Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in producing modern medicines, drugs originating from traditional medicine which are modernly formulated for domestic consumption and export. Mediplantex currently owns 2 big pharmaceutical factories in Hanoi, of which, Factory No.2 has the ability to produce a diverse range of medicine tablets, powders, capsules, solution, all geared towards high quality for the end consummer.

Overall Perspective

Over 60 years of establishment and development, Mediplantex is a trusted partner of more than 20 countries in the world with an annual production capacity of over 800 million medicine tablets. With the demand to improve the production capacity and expand the distribution market, Mediplantex invest in the construction of a "Center of Science, Technology, Pharmacy and pharmaceutical factory following to GMP-EU standard". This project is built on the land area of 30.300 m2 in Hoa Lac High-Tech Park, Thach That District, Hanoi province, comprising Office, Warehouse + Workshop, auxiliary area and technical infrastructure. As a part of Mediplantex's long-term development strategy, this project is paid special attention and prioritizes selection of experienced and reputable design consultant company to design the project ensuring optimal performance, cost effectiveness and overall factory aesthetics.

With a team of experienced architects and engineers in the field of design consultancy for industrial factories, especially pharmaceuticals, foodstuff factories,… and strengths in providing service with full package and cost-effectiveness on each m2 of construction ground floor area, Sagen believes that our design will ensure convenience and safety in production process, bringing satisfaction to the Investor as well as meeting the Vietnamese and International standards and regulations. 

This project paves the way for a good cooperation between Mediplantex and Sagen as well as once again affirms the trust of customers and Sagen's leading position in the field of design consultancy for high standard pharmaceutical and food factory in Vietnam.