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Project information

Fashion Apparel Center – Showroom – Office for rent

Basic design consultancy, construction drawings design.

Residential housing combines commercial, service, kindergarten and adjacent townhouse with garden

Agreement permit and adjustment approve of architecture construction, adjustment of investment project, adjustment of basic design,  construction permit, adjustment of construction drawings design and total estimates

Tan Thuan FPT Telecom Data Center

Consultant for investment project, construction drawings design & cost estimates

FPT Complex – Phase II

Consultant design, estimates and providing legal services related to the project.

MWG Office

Construction survey, construction permit, construction drawings design & cost estimates

Vietnam Australia International School and Kindergarten (VAS)

Construction drawings design consultancy & total cost estimate.

Dormitory and education center of Ton Duc Thang University

Investment project establishment, construction drawings design consultancy & total cost estimate.

Vietnam-Finland International School

Construction drawings design

Thien Tan Land Hotel & Apartment Commercial Center

Construction survey, feasibility study, construction permit, construction drawings and cost estimates.





Architect Nguyen Thanh Tan is a founder and general director of Sagen since its inception.

He graduated from the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh city. He is a energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic person and he always passionate in the field of architectural design.

With more than 20 years of consulting experience, he has chaired and guided the design of hundreds of large-scale civil and industrial projects in over 50 provinces and cities in Vietnam.

He is both a leader and an influencer who inspire Sagen employees by his scientific working style, creative and breakthrough thinking.

With expertise in construction design consultancy, extensive experience in organization, management and his confidence, assertiveness, he has led Sagen conquered new heights and became one of the leading construction design consultanting company in Vietnam.



He graduated with the Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city and the Fulbright Economics Program, graduated in Economics from Da nang Politechnic University and Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Hue University. He has over 30 years of working experience and has taken up the duty in various positions of Executive Director, Project Manager, Sales Manager, and Construction Investment Manager in Real Estate, Civil and Industrial projects.

He has joined Sagen since October 2009 as a Project Director and has been appointed the Deputy General Director in charge of business and project management since April 2014.

With his deep expertise in the field of economics and an acumen of capturing the market, assertiveness and well relationships, he has connected many potential customers and brought many new projects to Sagen, contributed to the outstanding growth of Sagen over the past years.




Ph. Doctor – Engineer Pham Tuong Hoi graduated with the engineer’s degree in 1982 and Ph.Doctor’s degree in 2003 from University of Technology Ho Chi Minh city.

After many years working in the field of design, he has joined Sagen since 2014 as Technical Manager.

With his deep expertise and more than 35 years of design experience, he had been a project manager for hundreds of civil and industrial projects across the country. By practical experience and enthusiasm, in addition to professional work, he also supported, trained, shared experience for other colleagues to develop the design team in the company.

With a professional, talented manager and n enthusiastic and responsible team, Sagen technical department is always a key team ensuring the success of Sagen and the quality of the projects that Sagen design.



Architect Joao Almeida graduated with a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Porto at Porto city, Portugal Country in 1987 and has been a member of the Association of Portuguese Architects “Ordem dos Arquitectos Portugueses” since 1987.

He had been a senior director at Ubis Company (Portugal) from 2008 to 2011. From 2014 to 2016, he had been a senior project manager at big companies in Malaysia such as Simplex Design Sdn Bhd, HL Design Group. Since September 2016, he has come to Vietnam and participated in designing a series of typical projects such as Hilton Hotel (HCMC), Ecopark (Ha Noi), Central Square (Da Nang), NovaHotel (Hue), Nam Du Island (Phu Quoc)…

He has over 30 years of experience working in Portugal, Malaysia, Vietnam, has managed and coordinated many large-scale projects from urban design, master planning, public works to civil works. He has large experience in problem-solving, finding the best technical solutions suitable for each project.

He has joined Sagen since November 2019 as Design Manager, accompany Sagen to reach international level.



He graduated from the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh city in 2001, majoring in architecture.

He has joined Sagen since 2008 and became one of the veteran members contributing to the strong development of Sagen.

After being appointed as Deputy Technical Manager, he has led the Sagen architects and engineers team to catch up with new technical technologies, constantly improves their professional ability, manages and deployes project scientifically and effectively, brings maximum satisfaction and benefits to the Investor.

At work, Mr. Thai Doan Dang always requires himself to be careful, meticulous, work in a plan, responsible and constantly changing to develop.