10/08/2022 - Sagen has successfully signed a design consultancy contract for Waterpoint Long An Mansion project

On August 10th, 2022, Sagen was honored to be trusted and chosen by client to sign a contract for surveying and design of mansion in Waterpoint Urban Area. The project is located in An Thanh Commune, Ben Luc District, Long An Province, which is considered the "golden coordinate" connecting Ho Chi Minh City and the West to the strategic in feng shui "first near a town, second near a river, third near a road".

With a busy modern life, health concerns are always the top of mind. This is the reason why the "Second Home" trend is so popular on the world. A second home is a place where the homeowner may fully enjoy the breathtaking natural surroundings and situated in a large community with first-rate amenities. Therefore, the owner is particularly concerned to certain aspects of architectural design, because they need a pleasant location to unwind after long days at work and in general.

The project's overall view, which features numerous eye-catching green patches

Motivated by contemporary design trends, Sagen’s engineers and architects designed a beautiful Waterpoint mansion project on a construction area of over 3,700 sqm, that is suitable for families with multiple generations while still ensuring the the family members' living space. The construction site extends from the East to the West, with functional spaces such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, etc… on the main floor and the bedrooms on the upper floors. The main functions are interconnected and have all view to the river.

The living room view

Waterpoint Mansion is mostly designed with many glass framing and large glass doors that reach all the way to the ceiling. The entire space is open and airy, allowing homeowner to fully appreciate and enjoy the outside landscape.

Front perspective

With the main purpose is getting the river’s view, the balcony and outside corridors were designed along the length of the main function rooms such as a living room, kitchen, bedrooms. Besides, the cable handrail was used as a solution to maximize the view from inside to the river.

Corner view

The architect not only designed a comfortable living space but also meticulously calculated the design of the communal recreation area, which includes garden, swimming pool, meeting room, entertainment room, gym, BBQ, etc... This ensures that the family members' harmony and convenience while staying. The project deserves to be the focal point of the riverside urban area, is an representative of elegant simplicity.

Garden’s view

The most important factor and source of creative inspiration for any Sagen's architect or engineer is the client's satisfaction. The Waterpoint Mansion Project is a demonstration of this desire, on the path of creating design pieces that are not only deserved of the domestic market but also intended to expand on the international market in the future.