Celebrating 20 Years Of Sagen Company

Sagen Constructive Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company (Sagen) was established on 05/09/2003, with the main field of activity being construction design consultancy. The 20-year journey has been one with many ups and downs, challenges and difficulties. But with the determination of the Board of Directors, and the solidarity of the entire staff, Sagen has survived and developed strongly to this day.

On the evening of 05/09/2023, Sagen held an event night to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Company's establishment (05/09/2003 – 05/09/2023) to honor and express gratitude to our customers and partners for supporting Sagen and to orient and believe in a stronger development in the future.

Board of Directors and employees of the Company

Board of Directors and employees of the Company

Opening the night is an  impressive and special introduction and dance video "Sagen's 20-year journey":

20 years of establishment and development, 20 years of many challenges and ups and downs, 20 years of affirming the position. The path Sagen is taking and moving towards is a stable and potential development path to reach higher, reach further, and reach out to the world.

Opening speech at the Anniversary Ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan –   General Director shared   about  the  journey of 20 years of formation and development of Sagen as well as the achievements  recognized bySagen Throughout the operating period

"The 20-year journey is not only a long way for the age of a business but also for the age of a person.

On the occasion of Sagen's 20th anniversary. I would like to express my gratitude and gratitude to our customers, partners, and friends – who have always trusted, loved, accompanied, and always supported Sagen on the journey of construction and development.

At the same time, I would like to express my gratitude to all members and associates of dear Sagen for dedicating their youth, wisdom and talents to the continuous existence and development of Sagen. Thank you for choosing Sagen as a place to affirm your talent and develop your career."

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan – General Director spoke at the ceremony

Immediately after that, the Board of Directors of the Company awarded medals and gifts to thank customers, and gratitude to close partners as a sincere thank you from the heart..

Sagen gratitude to customers and partners

Sagen gratitude to customers and partners

The joy of all. Some guests shared some great experiences about the process of collaborating and working with Sagen.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – Chairman of Mobile World Investment Joint Stock Company

Ms. Pham Thi Viet Nga – Former Chairman – General Director of DHG Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company

Mr. Vo Minh Nhut – General Directorof NS BLUESCOPE VIETNAM, LTD

Following the program, Mr. Tran Huu Uy – Deputy General Director thanks customers and partners and sent a meaningful gift, an emotional song, full of enthusiasm for those who are working in the field of construction design.

Mr. Tran Huu Uy – Deputy General Director performed at the ceremony

Mr. Tran Huu Uy – Deputy General Director, honored the excellent leader of Sagen

The Board of Directors of the company lifted the congratulatory party

The Board of Directors of the Company has commended, awarded medals and honored commendations to employees who have attached, devoted and successfully completed the task. This is not simply an encouraging gift, but also a thank you from the Board of Directors to all employees

The company's management rewards the employees

After honoring the employees is the charismatic performance of guest singer, singer-lawyer Tran Huu Kien - Winner of Vitenam's Got Talent 2013. With a new, creative and breakthrough opera voice, singer Huu Kien brought unique performances, contributing to raising the exciting atmosphere for the party

Singer Tran Huu Kien with the song "Road to Glory Day"

The program was followed by an award ceremony for sports activities to celebrate the company's establishment: mini cup football tournament, individual and team table tennis tournament, men's team badminton tournament, and men's and women's team badminton. This is one of the important events organized annually by Sagen.


Mr. Tham Anh Tuan – Technical Advisor presented the trophy to the teams and winners

Especially, on the occasion of the release of the yearbook to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company, this year Sagen organized the contest "Excellent Pen" for the first time. With the enthusiastic participation of all employees, contributed to creating an extremely meaningful and emotional 20-year yearbook.

Mr. Tran Huu Uy – Deputy General Director awarded excellent writers

The ceremony became even more exciting and attractive with the sweepstakes.  The lucky number was chanted one after another, and the whole hall burst with joy.

03 lucky winners of the Mozard E7 Bluetooth Speaker

02 lucky winners - Sharp Air Purifier FP-J30E-A

Lucky winners of the First Prize- Sunhouse Air Conditioner Fan SHD7757

Grand Prize Winner - LG 4K 50 Inch 50UQ7550PSF Smart TV

 Rejoicing in the joyous atmosphere of the whole hall, the Board of Directors and Sagen employees joined together with the song "Giac Mo Sagen", once again affirming the burning desire to conquer day and night, urging everyone to try and make tireless efforts, to grow, reach farther and farther, reach the international level.

Energetic and talented vocalists with "Giac Mo Sagen"

The ceremony became even more complete, with the participation of guests. The whole makes for a celebration that is solemn, intimate, and filled with joy.

Ms. Lam To Trinh - Deputy General Director of Innovation Bluescope with the song "Rain of Love"

The night of the event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Sagen Company ended with the joy of everyone. A successful event

“Ôi yêu làm sao, bao người anh gần gũi chân tình, Sagen
Ai yêu nhà cao, công trình luôn chào đón bao tiếng cười, vui tươi
Tôi yêu Sagen vươn tầm cao hơn, ngập tràn tương lai
Tôi yêu Sagen bằng cả tâm hồn
Sagen! Sagen! Sagen!”
(Lời bài hát “Giấc mơ Sagen)

Overnight after this event, Sagen became more determined with the direction it was going so that for another 20 years, 30 years or more, the name Sagen became a brand, a familiar and reliable name for domestic and foreign partners and customers.

Once again, Sagen would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers and partners for their interest and support

See you in Sagen's next activities with great emotions and more pleasant surprises!