Sagen cooperates with FPT IS to promote green transformation in factory and building construction

FPT IS and Sagen Constructive Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company (Sagen) have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop green technology, apply sustainable standards in the field of factory and building construction, thereby joining forces to promote the green transition, towards the goal of zero emission factory (NetZero factory).

Specifically, both parties will cooperate to provide green transformation services and solutions for organizations as well as individuals in need of green factories and buildings. The cooperation between FPT IS and Sagen aims to facilitate the green transition, improve construction efficiency and promote green values to customers.


Representatives of Sagen and FPT IS at the event

Accordingly, FPT IS accompanies the entire roadmap from consulting, providing solutions to promote green transformation projects, including technology solutions to help optimize factory operation according to the circular economy trend, reduce power consumption, manage and recover waste as well as improve the supply chain. On Sagen's side, the company provides package consulting services, proposing solutions to optimize all construction activities from design documents, green certification, construction and sustainable building operation.

Within the framework of cooperation, the both parties focus on the field of green factory construction. This is important in the context of the approaching commitment to Net Zero Carbon emissions, many manufacturing industries are affected in terms of the market and attracting investment capital due to the delay in greening factories. The main industries of FPT IS and Sagen are focusing such as pharmaceuticals - food, wood furniture - household appliances as well as construction are recording high demand in improving service standards and solutions to meet international regulations. In particular, the achievement of green standards will create favorable conditions for enterprises in exporting goods, calling for investment capital financing; From there, quickly expand the market, improve competitiveness.

Since 5 years ago, Sagen has aimed to apply green standards to each building, depending on the needs of the investor. Many of Sagen's projects comply with green standards and achieve prestigious certifications such as: LEED (US green building standards, considered the most popular standards in the world today), LOTUS (the first green building criteria system developed specifically for the construction market in Vietnam).

"Over the years, Sagen has persisted and strived to improve service quality to meet the continuous movement of the market. In order to expand the playground, not only domestically but also globally, Sagen has determined to focus on improving service provision capacity, creating sustainable green buildings, replicating projects that have achieved prestigious LEED and LOTUS certifications before", Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan - General Director of Sagen expressed.


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tan (middle) - General Director of Sagen shared at the event

Mr. Tan affirmed that the cooperation between Sagen and FPT IS - a pioneering technology unit in Vietnam in providing green transformation solutions is a strategic step to realize this vision. The cooperation will open up opportunities for us to improve and improve the quality of sustainable construction projects, and at the same time train a team of experts with professional knowledge, ahead of the industry standard framework. Sagen and FPT IS wish to join hands to build a green economy, reduce emissions, maintain sustainable development, towards realizing the Government's Net Zero goal by 2050, Mr. Tan emphasized.

On the side of FPT IS, Mr. Tran Duc Tri Quang - Data Director shared: "FPT IS is currently a pioneer in implementing green transformation projects in Vietnam. With more than 25 years accompanying the pharmaceutical industry, wood, implementing many projects for customers such as Boston Pharma, Bidiphar, Gonsa, Vemedim ... We accumulate a wealth of experience and in-depth understanding of industry-specific management problems. This is the foundation for FPT IS to accompany Sagen to catch up with the green transformation race. FPT IS is committed to building a roadmap to approach and implement green transformation appropriately and favorably to improve construction efficiency and promote green credit creation with Sagen in particular and Vietnam in general".


Mr. Tran Duc Tri Quang – Data Director of FPT IS affirmed his commitment to accompany Sagen to promote the green transformation project

Currently, FPT IS is actively investing in research and cooperation with leading experts and advisors on green transformation solutions for businesses as well as expanding the network of sustainable technology partners. The company is focusing on developing two strategic solutions: VertZero ESG reporting and greenhouse gas inventory solution, NetZero Factory zero-emission plant construction solution. The solution aims to minimize the time and cost of building and operating green factories, comprehensively digitizing the process of collecting environmental data, calculating, managing, creating emission reports and monitoring the progress of implementing commitments, ensuring international standards.

Enterprises learn more about FPT IS's green transformation capacity and VertZéro greenhouse gas inventory solution HERE.

Over 21 years of establishment and development, Sagen is a prestigious brand specializing in providing design consulting services for industrial projects, especially pharmaceutical - food factories and civil works including school systems, apartments, offices, hotels ... 

Sagen has successfully designed more than 300 civil - industrial projects in the country,  supervising construction and project management for more than 50 projects. Typically: DHG Pharma, Traphaco, Bidipha, Danapha, Phenikaa, OPC, Imexpharm, Medochemie, Vingroup, Masan, Vissan, Nutifood, IDP Milk, FPT Complex, FPT University, Ton Duc Thang University, Dai Nam University, VAS ... The company reached Top 10 leading design companies in Vietnam (Top 10 BCI Architects Vietnam) through many years 2015, 2016 & 2021; Best Architectural Design Company in Vietnam 2018 (Dot Property 2018) ...


Nguyen Thi Thanh Tuyen
Compiled from Enterprise Publications