Signing a building design consultancy contract of the Power Companies such as Vinh Long, Hue, Daklak

At the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, Sagen took part in and had the honor to win the first prize of architecture plan competitions, signed the building design consultancy contracts of the Power Companies Vinh Long, Hue, Daklak.

The building of Vinh Long Power Company with the total construction floor area of  5.500m2, including 1 basement, 7 floors and 1 terrace.

The building of Hue Power company with the total construction floor area  of 8.169m2, including 1 basement, 9 floors. The building of Daklak Power Company is equivalent to the one of Hue Power Company.

PC Vinh Long Perspective


PC Hue Perspective

 PC Daklak Perspective

The implementation of the above  projects has improved Sagen’s prestige and ability in the field of designing the office building nationwide and especially,Vietnamese Power Offices.

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